Jazz Guitar Chord

Jazz Guitar Chord

Jazz Guitar Chord

Jazz Guitar Chord

Jazz Guitar Chord

Jazz Guitar Chord System – Chord Progressions & Inversions Made Easy

One of the new concepts revealed in the Jazz Guitar Chord System is the use of a “Root Line”. First off, lets make clear that the root line is different from the bass line. The bass note refers to the lowest note within a harmony, while the root note refers to the chord’s overall lowest note.avenging this concept, it is possible to assign a unique root note to each chord. This root note would be known as the first note of the chord. Now, in and of itself this is not difficult to comprehend. Each chord has a unique bass note which, if assign a different name, would be that specific note. For instance, the third chord in a key of C major is normally the C note (You know, that “C” sound you hear in music). Now, if we call that same chord a “Root note”, we can distinguish that it is the first note in the key, even though technically the note is already part of the key.

All chords in a key follow a certain scale or chord pattern. Typically these patterns vary between a major, minor, 7th, added, extended, or altered scale. Once we understand the scale or chord pattern, it is quite easy to trace the root note of a chord directly to the root note of the related scale. สล็อตเว็บตรง

A Jazz Guitar Chord Progression

Now, once we know our root note for a particular chord, it is always possible to find the next note in the chord by finding the starting note of the prior chord. This follows the concept of a “Root Line” and we will keep this concept in mind as we map out chord progressions in a Jazz Guitar lesson. This may require some practice and you will want to play your chords progressions over backing tracks if you practice with your instrument.Jazz Guitar Chord

A Chord is nothing more than a series of different notes played simultaneously. To create a simple chord we simply follow the major scale of the key of the chord. This is the A Major Scale:Jazz Guitar Chord

A-B-C#-D-E-F#-G#-AJazz Guitar Chord

We follow this scale and create a simple chord by stacking the notes of the A Major scale in thirds (stacking 3rds). To find the third note we count: A & B & C# & D & E & F# & G#.Jazz Guitar Chord

The A Minor Pentatonic Scale:

A-C#-D-E-F#-G#-AJazz Guitar Chord

The A Minor Pentatonic Scale – third positionJazz Guitar Chord

Play the notes of this scale in third position. You can hear that the notes are created around middle C and there is a black note in the middle of that C. This is called a “black key” and it is an “octave” of the C.

Below is a diagram of the A Minor Pentatonic Scale in “root position”Jazz Guitar Chord

A——–2————2———AJazz Guitar Chord

Looking at this diagram we can see that the notes are created around middle C and there are two black keys (note: the C and the F inside the “box” – the covering of the fifth finger) and three white keys. It is from the location of these two black keys that the notes are created. This allows us to discover the location of middle C. To find the middle C you simply count:Jazz Guitar Chord

A & B & C# & D & E & F# & G#

The C is located in the “box” section of the fifth finger of the hand. If you try this exercise with your right hand it will create a similar chord on the seventh fret of the guitar.Jazz Guitar Chord

Play the notes of this chord with the root finger of your right hand.

A & B & C# & D & E & F# & G#

Now, slide your “I” finger to the location of middle C and here is the chord progressions that you will create.

I = chord 1, IV = chord 4, V = chord 5

Notice how the “I” finger has now been inserted between the last chord formed and the “V” chord. This is how we mean to play a diminished chord.

Let’s take a look at the list of common diminished chords.

A diminished chord is a very common chord found in many forms of Jazz music: minor, diminished, augmented, suspended, comping and as extended chords.

The application of these chords is still in theory. They are simply notated in a different way. We’ll be creating hundreds of these chords over the next few weeks to keep improvising away from the guitar tab.

Have fun with these chords and remember: keep the I in the bass Homeless.


Jazz Guitar Chord